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 Date recorded Speaker Subject

Scripture ref

mins mb Download Listen now
Sun 16 Feb 2020 David Stamen 'That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen...' 1 John chapter 1v1+ 33 33 Download Listen now
Sun 02 Feb 20 am 2020 Richard Curd Mephibosheth 2 Samuel ch 4& 9 32 15 Download Listen now
Sun 26 Jan 2020 am Bill Kemp Revelation   27 12 Download Listen now
Sun 19 Jan 20 am 2020 Peter Hedley Good Ground   32 15 Download Listen now
Sun am 13 Oct 2019 Peter Hedley Anger & its remedy various 33 34 Download Listen now
Sun am 15 Sept 2019 Bob Claycamp The healing at the pool John ch 5 30 28 Download Listen now
Sun am 21 July 2019 Ian Huxham It's the cross which makes the bitter waters sweet Exodus ch 15 v 22-27     Download Listen now
Sun 14 July 2019 Roger Cook   1 Corinthians chap 5 v 7 onwards     Download Listen now
Sun am 12 May 2019 Peter Hedley The miraculous catch of fish and the breakfast on the beach John ch 21 v 1-14 36 17 Download Listen now


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