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Displays & hardware equipment used for the show, these are tailored to each venue / event.

Various Science Displays, including chemical/light experiments, plasma globes - 'lightening in a bottle', displayed by Dr Scott Marr, Head of Chemistry at Torquay Boys' Grammar School.

Model & Video of early Space Flights & Saturn V Rocket & Last 40 years of Space Flight.

STELLARIUM Planetarium Software - you can download free - Open Source - from STELLARIUM SOFTWARE

Large Astronomy Books - 'The Complete Earth', 'Cosmos', Portrait of The Universe'

Series of Display Panels of 'All Things to do with Space'


Display of Telescopes - Refractors, Reflectors, Dobsonian,  displayed by London Camera Exchange, Exeter.

Mike's own Telescope - refractor/reflector.

Number of large posters including views of of Galaxies, Planets, Star groups, Solar System.
Display of professional built model Rockets & Spacecraft, displayed by Ian Walsh Torbay Astronomical Society
Scrolling LED welcome sign outside building entrance 'Journey Into Deep Space' . Exeter.

Displays by Westgate Science Club of Exeter

Large 15 foot floodlit banner hung outside the building inviting all to the event with picture of a Galaxy next to the wording, Displayed 24/7 from a week before. A printed programme available to everyone on arrival.

Mood music played in the background from before the start of Show. Pre programmed - projected moving image of sun and earth - from a viewpoint in space, shown on screen before start of  main programme

Equipment in house for the evening includes:   14' x 12' Professional Screen, 3 Computers, 2 LCD Projectors, 2 Sound Systems with surround sound. 2 x 350 watt speakers. 8ft x 8ft portable screen

Very Latest Quality 3D High Definition effects show.
320 foot x 14 ft Draped Satin black/red Curtains to enhance the projection area. at Exeter event,
Windows curtained to prevent any stray outside lighting.
Long throw 1.2 K Follow Spot for soloist & others. Coloured floodlights.

Stewards inside/outside building. Welcome buffet tea for those who arrive early.
Welcome refreshments on arrival.
Advertising.  Including 2 x Evening papers, 2 x newspaper delivered into every household in Exeter & surrounding
district.  2 x BBC announcements previous Sunday. (Exeter).  Many individual invitations posted. Many 'drop in' invites. Professionally produced coloured A3/A4/A5 leaflets.

We use ANAGLYPH MAKER software for producing our own 3D pictures
You can download free from

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Helium Balloon Experiment - Taking pictures at 120,000 feet above UK
launched near Leeds UK
     The area of water is 'The Wash' photo taken October 2008
    The experiment was planned and carried out by Robert Harrison of Leeds