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     Who Are We ?

  • Mike Coles has always had a keen interest in Astronomy and all things to do with Space.

  • The present event started after he gave an 'after dinner talk' on the night sky November 2005

  • Since then the presentation has grown and invitations began to be received to show what is now known as 'JOURNEY INTO DEEP SPACE'.

  • Mike of 'JOURNEY INTO DEEP SPACE' is enthusiastic about anything to do with Space.

  • He has had a life long interest in Astronomy and as a young lad was introduced by a local astronomer friend to Patrick Moore. 

  • From first observing the Arend Roland comet in 1957 the heavens have been something that has caught Mike's imagination.

  • A small team began to emerge who were willing to assist in much of the practical help needed,
    see 'Equipment and Displays' page.

  • It is our privilege and thrill to be able to take you on a journey, giving you a glimpse into this incredible created Universe.

  • Mike is a member of Westgate Christian Fellowship, Exeter

  • He heads up Westgate Science Club of Exeter - 'making science cool for kids'. Amongst other interests he is a member of the Norman Lockyer Observatory of Sidmouth and also holds an Amateur Radio Licence