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 This listing are names of speakers and readers who have been 
 featured in at least one programme over the years.

 Alistair Begg 
 David Pawson
 Ron Bailey
 Rob Betts

 Stuart Briscoe
 Paul Chulu, Exeter
 Bob Claycamp, Exeter

 Faith Coles, Exeter, reading the Daily Light
 Janice Dymond, Crediton reading from books published by Christian Focus, Scotland
 Elisabeth Elliot
 Peter Hedley. Sidmouth
 Larry Hill, Ireland

 Pinder Kaur, Exeter
 Keith Kelly, Liverpool
 John Lennox
Anne Graham Lotz
 Max Lucado
 David Meeten, Wirral
 Norman Meeten, Wirral

 John Moffat, Liverpool

 Rev Alec Motyer
 G W North
 Amy Orr-Ewing
 John Piper

 Alan Redpath

 Ken Smith, Bradninch, reading from books published by Christian Focus, Scotland
 Corrie ten Boom
 Rev Melvin Tinker
 David Vine, Wirral
 Les Wheeldon
 Ravi Zacharias


This second list is some of our CONTRIBUTORS since 1998 include...
...Recordings, 'On Air', In the studio, or live phone conversations.

Alec Motyer Rev -
Andrew White Rev 'The Vicar of Baghdad' , courtesy of Highgrove Church Bristol
Avail Mission - 'Serving Those Who Serve'. Avail
Andrea Minichiello Williams - Christian Concern
Andrew Shuttleworth - Vision for Asia
Barnabas Fund 'hope and aid for the persecuted church' Barnabas Fund
Dr David Vine - Longcroft Christian Fellowship, Wirrall.
Dick Lyon - NASA Scientist in Florida
Christine Ford - Rora
Chris Murray - Director Pennywell, Farm Activity Centre
Colin Burnham - from Lampeter
Cottage Magazine - Bovey Tracey - Dave
Gordon & Christine Harvey - China & Lampeter
G W North
Graeme Wilson - Chief Engineer UCB United Christian Broadcasters
Rev Graham Hamilton - PPT CofE, Bovey Tracey
Gregg Allen - Skipper of the Teignmouth & Shaldon ferry
Grenville Peters - Cherith Christian Fellowship, Tiverton
Heather White - Rora
Helen Shapiro -
John Allan & friends - Belmont Chapel, Exeter
John Amer - Exeter
John Corcoran - Westgate Christian Fellowship, Exeter
John Hewings - Exeter
John Mosey -
John White - Liverton
John Rabey - Vision for Asia
Keith Green - Bible Bookshop Teignmouth
Keith Kelly -
Les Wheeldon -
Martyn Morris - Westgate Christian Fellowship, Exeter
Malcolm Ford - Rora Christian Fellowship
Mark Shoesmith - Exeter
Mark Styants - Bovey Tracey
Mike Coles - Westgate Christian Fellowship, Exeter
Mike Heathcote - Exeter
Naomi Patkai - Westgate Christian Fellowship, Exeter
Pam Brittle - Bible Bookshop, Newton Abbot
Pat Le Puill - Bible Bookshop, Exeter
Paul Cross - from Orpington
Paul Harvey - WEC International - missionary & songwriter
Peter Trevelyan - Met Office Scientist
Roger Jacobs -
Ron Bailey - 'Bible Base'
Ruth Trevelyan - born 28 Dec 1997 - has a special link with NEW LIFE RADIO
Sarah Morris - Westgate Christian Fellowship, Exeter
Steve Cassell - Newton Abbot
Terry & Frances Watson - Founders of Eltham Green Fellowship.
Theo Amer - Airline Pilot
Tom Patkai - Westgate Christian Fellowship, Exeter
Westgate Science Club - Exeter
Rev Andrew White 'The Vicar of Baghdad' audio, courtesy of Highgrove Church Bristol

and many others...

CONTRIBUTORS - from the later years of New Life Conference meetings include
Jay Fallon, Dai Patterson, Les Wheeldon, Larry Hill, Chris French, Norman Meeten,
Naomi Patkai, Dr Christine Sansom, Fred Tomlinson, David Pawson. John Brand,
Johan Companjen

CONTRIBUTORS of voice 'by recordings' include the following:

Dr A W Tozer Our own Audio Library - New Life Radio :: Dr. A W Tozer Recordings
Rev Andrew White - 'Vicar of Bagdad'
Alan Redpath -
Alistair Begg -
Alistair McGrath -
Alexander Scourby - The NKJ version of the whole Bible -
Amy Orr-Ewing -
Betty Clare -
Dr Billy Graham -
Dr Charles Price -
David Meeten -
Derrick Harrison - Derrick Harrison
Cliff Richard - reading 50 favourite Bible stories - selected & narrated by himself
Elisabeth Elliot -
Faith Coles -
GWN - Mr G W North -
Heather White -
Canon J John - Philo Trust   see also 'What do we believe?'
Jan Rolfe -
Jim Cymbala -
Janice Dymond -
John Lennox -
Joni Eareckson -
Julia Dawson -
Karen Smith -
Ken Smith -
Lorraine Dent -
Max Lucado -
Michael Ramsden -
Pinder Kaur -
Ravi Zacharias -
William Lane-Craig -
Dr Warren Wiersbe -

and many others.

CONTRIBUTORS - by music/song/audio/are too numerous to list but just to say we have over 17,000 recordings in our database-audio library.
- JINGLES by -
- Alessandra Riccio -
- Alison Nyeko -
- Christine Ford -
- Faith Coles -
- Esta Nyeko -
- Henry Chulu -
- Janice Dymond -
- John Corcoran -
- Jophie Nyeko -
- Ken Smith -
- Lorna Patkai -
- Lucy Hayes -
- Martyn Morris -
- Mike Coles -
- Miriam Nyeko -
- Ron Bailey
- Ruth Trevelyan -
- Sarah Morris -
- Terry Watson -
- Frances Watson -
- Tom Patkai -
Other Sources:
Be Thinking -  .
             ..exists to help you make sense of the big questions about life
Bible In Living Sound - a set of 450 dramatized Bible Stories Bible in Living Sound
Tyndale House, Cambridge - Dr Peter Williams
Tyndale House, Doorway to Biblical Studies | Tyndale House

Centre for Intelligent Design - Dr Alistair Noble - Welcome to Centre for Intelligent Design
Commission Broadcast Centre, Belfast. Commission
Christian Heritage in Cambridge - Martin Lown - Christian Heritage
Mr Peter Loose - Chelmsford.
HCJB Global UK - '' - A great source of over 3,000 audio items, including award-winning material from the UK's top Christian radio production groups.
COMPLETE BOOKS broadcast include:

- A Place of Healing - Joni Eareckson Tada
- Back to Jerusalem - Brother Yun -
- Complete Surrender - A Biography of Eric Liddell
- 'Five Love Languages' by Gary Chapman - published by Oasis Audio

- God's Pursuit of Man - Dr A W Tozer (previously titled The Divine Conquest
  and the Pursuit of Man) Published by Christian Audio
- God's Smuggler - Brother Andrew

- 'John Welch - The Man Who Couldn't Be Stopped'. The true story of the adventurous
  Scottish preacher who defied the Kings of England and France. Written by Ethel Barrett
Narrated by Faith Coles. With permission from Christian Focus Publications of Fearn,

- Run Baby Run - by Nicky Cruz
- The Heavenly Man - Brother Yun
- The Story of Mr North - by Judith Raistrick. Narrated by Faith Coles
- The Tanglewood's Secret - by Patricia St John -
- The Treasures of the Snow - by Patricia St John -

- Pilgrim's Progress, full version by John Bunyan dramatised by Jim Pappas, 'Orion's Gate'

- Pilgrim's Progress - Abridged 'The Family Pilgrim's Progress - from the original story
  by John Bunyan/Retold by Jean Watson - Narrated by Faith Coles. With permission from
  Christian Focus Publications of Fearn, Scotland

- Desk Presenters have included:
- Alessandra Riccio - Exeter
- Anna Ovens - Liverton
- Crystal - originally from Eltham (1998)
- John Allen - Exeter
- John Watson - Eltham
- Kerry Burnham - Exeter/Torquay
- Martyn Morris - Exeter
- Mike Coles - Exeter
- Russell LePuil - Exeter
- Ruth Trevelyan - Ilsington
- Sarah C Khan - Ilsington
Grateful thanks to:
'AERIAL SITES' - an International Communications Company (renamed since the late nineties, now known as Axwell Wireless) for supplying our first years radio tower in 1997. In 1998 they supplied a 20 metre triangular steel tower. Used annually 1998-2016. 
UCB, UNITED CHRISTIAN BROADCASTERS, Stoke On Trent for ongoing assistance & advice over many years, especially to Graeme Wilson, Chief Engineer.

PREMIER RADIO London, for help and advice back in 1997/1998.
CONTRIBUTORS - 'Behind The Scenes' We are very grateful to the many who help especially Mike Ilieve our Engineer. Greg Allen and Stuart Mcminn. As well to Kerry Burnham and Russell LePuill who were with us at the start of preparations in 1997. And to the many others who without their help the station would not operate. Thank You.

NEW LIFE RADIO - for good news and good music 1997-2018
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