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NOTES BY KEITH - reference recording no 7 'The Law of the Reversal - part 2'


The Law of the Reversal - part 2

Genesis chapter 3:v 7 to 9

A. Genesis 3:7 their eyes were opened

Self con When youíve gone wrong go back and start again conscious, sin conscious lost God conscious fellowship. Guilt conscious - Knowing sin within themselves cf toothache or nagging pain

Two ways to know

Knowing sickness as a victim -

if they had obeyed and eaten the TREE OF LIFE they would eventually have understood as a Dr understands e.g cancer specialist

Ps 51:3 my sin is always before me Condemnation

And Itís against you only v4, V5 sin and guilt awareness V10 uncleanness within, V11 rejection and fear. Rms 7:24

Genesis 3:7 they knew that they were naked

Lost glory of His presence like a light bulb

cf Lord-clothed with light Ps 104:2, Dan 12:3,

Mt 13:43 cf Rev 3:17,18

They sewed (fig leaves)-manís best efforts to hide shame and nakedness- pathetic covering. Origin of fear, shyness, self consciousness

God provided an atoning sacrifice-animal skins

Heb 9:22, (without shedding of blood)

Gen 3:21 cross pictured

V8 heard voice -possibly for the last time.

Sin causes Godís voice to grow faint

(earthquakes-trapped miners)

They hid themselves

Running away from God -Pleasure, drink, drugs, activities, ambition, relationships, T.V, sport etc. etc. etc.

Godís question for you today? Where are you? Hiding or abiding?

B. The Law of reversal

Luke 24:31 their eyes were opened

To know Him! The risen Lord who conquered death in the cross and resurrection. Breaking of bread. He undid all the curse of sin.

Eph 1:18,19 Eyes opened-to know His power, riches, resurrection

Nakedness-inwardly and outwardly

John 19:24, Ps 22:17,18

The Divine exchange -our nakedness for His clothing of righteousness Rev 7:14

2 Cor 5 Made sin for us-that we might be made righteous

How God deals with the guilty conscience.

Pictured in Leviticus 16:14 our body-His Temple

Cleanses inward parts, conscience, heart

Cf Heb 10:2, 10 Purified conscience, free from guilt and condemnation

Rms 8:1 None from Godís side, none from New Heart and Spirit.

Our fears and phobias replaced by boldness, confidence Heb 4:16, 10:19, Acts 2:1, 4:13

Rejection replaced by acceptance Eph 1:6



Gorton Evangelical Church is a growing International Church with people from Iran, Philippines, China, plus many parts of Africa and elsewhere. We meet each Sunday at 11am for lively worship and Bible teaching.

We run a Kidz Klub every Tuesday for children 5 to 11 from 6pm to 7.30pm

Each Wednesday morning we run a Bible and English class for English learners from 10am to 12.30pm
Each Wednesday night from 7pm to 8.30pm we have a branch of Emmaus Bible School, UK meeting at Gorton with Free classes in English and Farsi (Iranian).

Each Thursday we meet for prayer from 7.30pm to 9pm.

Each Friday - English (E.S.O.L.) class for all levels 10am to 12.30pm
Each Friday we have a Youth Club for teenagers from 7pm to 9pm



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