Recordings individually requested, from previous broadcasts
and/or New Life Conference /and/or other
        These audio recordings can be 'listened online',  downloaded and copied, but you may not sell.

                              for further information:
                             e mail

  Title speaker date rec
other detail mins listen/download
4 The God Who Sees Me            word for word transcription Hilary Price 140310 'Mother's Day' at
Peoples Church, Toronto
46 listen/download
3 Perseverance Larry Hill 060813 NLC Conf Rora 51 listen/download
2 Jesus and His Commission/Mandate (Luke ch 4) Theodore Amer 190317 Westgate Church,Exeter 28 listen/download
1 Dying Well, Finishing the Course David Vine 140818 New Life Conf, Quinta 38 listen/download





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