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'Broken Bread' weekly studies on Paul's letters to the churches in Galatia 'BB'below.
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BB title date
mins listen
RB30 What is Man? 4 of 6, The Second Man, as did the First Man, must now face the Enemy of our Race in the Judean Wilderness. The Temptation in the Wilderness has 4 contexts and 3 targets. 221020 32 listen
RB29 What is Man? No 3 of 6, The Second Man. The Scriptures speak of the “SECOND Man” and the “LAST Adam” but hymns, ancient and modern, and an army of preachers, speak of the “SECOND Adam”. Are we missing something? Christ’s genealogy reaches back to Adam but he did not share Adam’s condemnation. He is the “SECOND Man”, a NEW Man, the beginning of a New Creation. 2 Cor 5:17 151020 28 listen
RB28 What is Man? No 2 of 6, The Battle of Eden 081020 34 listen
RB27 What is Man? No 1 of 6, The First Man 011020 34 listen
RB26 What it says on the tin 240920 22 listen
RB25 Thou Shalt Love 170920 29 listen
RB24 Stand Firm Therefore 100920 35 listen
RB23 A Tale of Two Cities 030920 36 listen
RB22 Two Sons and 2 Covenants 270820 29 listen
RB21 Beloved! 200820 32 listen
RB20 A Pathology of Perfection 130820 33 listen
RB19 Destination...sonship 060820 33 listen
RB18 Back to the Future 300720 34 listen
BB17 Nailed It - Colossians chapter 2 verses 11 to 15 - 230720 36 listen
BB16 The mystery of when time and eternity intercept. 160720 32 listen
BB15 Why then the law? 090720 33 listen
BB14 Time Lines - Events happen in sequence and the sequence is often significant 020720 31 listen
BB13 Salvation by grace through faith - The faith of Abraham 250620 27 listen
BB12 Questions, Questions, Questions. 180620 30 listen
BB11 Continuing the studies we consider the impact of justification by faith for three groups: Peter, the covenant people of Israel, and Paul personally. 110620 37 listen
BB10 The Apostle·s Doctrine; the systematization of revealed truth. In the session, we study ‘the kerugma’; the irreducible essence of Christian apostolic preaching. We have examined the writer and the era in which he wrote the Galatians, now we remind ourselves of the recipients of this letter. The teaching of ‘justification by faith’ was not new to them. It is recorded as part of Paul’s original message in the synagogue in Acts 13:14-41. Therefore let it be known to you, brethren, that through this Man is preached to you the forgiveness of sins; and by Him, everyone who believes is justified from all things from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses. Beware therefore, lest what has been spoken in the prophets come upon you: (Acts 13:38·40 NKJV)” 040620 38 listen
BB9   280520 44 listen
BB8 In this session, Ron deals with Paul’s encounter with Peter regarding what he refers to as “The embarrassing confrontation.” He traces of peer accountability in the records of the early churches. Gal 6:1 shows Paul’s heart. Peter was blameable because he knew better. There is a difference between a deed and a doctrine. Peter’s deeds were becoming the standard. Personal pronouns. (Not prepositions, sorry)Thou, we, I. 210520 34 listen
BB7   140520 30 listen
BB6   070520 27 listen
BB5   300420 31 listen
BB4   230420 38 listen
BB3   160420 35 listen
BB2 In Study 02 of Galatians, Ron continues the topic of the book of Galatians with additional information about Paul the Apostle and the churches in Galatia 090410 30 listen

In Study 01 of Galatians, Ron introduces the topic with insights into the “occasion” upon which the book of Galatians was written as well as some biographical information for Paul the Apostle.

020420 20 listen





























other titles by Ron Bailey date broadcast mins listen
The Sinners Prayer 041020 43 listen
What will you do today 250320 39 listen
What on earth is happening 220320 35 listen

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