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PASTOR TERRY & FRANCES WATSON - Over a number of years Terry & Frances
have presented a daily morning programme during the first week.  
New Life Radio asked if they would summarise something of their history.

'Terry was sent to church by his parents from the age of three and became very used to the message of Jesus Christ, His love, His life, His death and His resurrection and made a commitment to be a Christian and was baptised at the age of 16. At the same time he was introduced to Frances who was part of the youth group and in the course of time they were married at the age of 23. During the next 3 years they were both very active in church life attending church 5 times on Sunday and running various activities during the week.

These three years were probably the most traumatic of their lives as they discovered their increasing inability to live harmoniously together in marriage. They both realized that in their Christian experience, although they had been very faithful in their church life, they lacked the reality of the power of God; their lives were empty and fruitless. This awareness of a real lack of the Lord created in Terry a desperate hunger and thirst for God, whose presence and reality he could not find, although he prayed earnestly.

His friend John Corcoran, whom he had met on the train one particular morning on his way to work in the city of London, was involved in another Baptist church five miles away and had enjoyed some joint young people’s activities together and as John and he chatted about these things, he passed him a small card inviting him to some meetings at Crystal Palace in the home of Peter and Joy Palmer. The speaker was to be a Mr. G. W. North. Terry did not remember the message but recollects leaving the meeting that night with the knowledge that he had found what he had been looking for and all he needed to do was to ask God to implant this life in his heart.

He agonized for about three months, praying and seeking God without success, until one week he determined to rise very early each day until this blessing of reality was bestowed on him. The first two days he prayed without success but on the third day the Lord Himself came and flooded his heart and he had received the life of the living God. He had in fact been born again of the Holy Spirit and introduced into the life of God which he has never since lost or doubted.

Frances responded to a gospel message at the Sunday School Anniversary in the Baptist Church when she was 12. This was a genuine and moving time, the beginning of her life with God. The Bible became alive even at that early age and she was baptised. She became involved with church life and ‘witness teams’ who went from church to church speaking to young people’s groups. She chose nursing as her vocation, especially with children and after qualifying as a sick children’s nurse went on to become a midwife.

Her relationship with God was a priority in her life but during early years of marriage she found difficulty in being able to put this life into action and longed for a closer more realistic relationship. This eventually came when she heard about the work of the Holy Spirit and the receiving of His life within.

At this time in February 1971 Terry and Frances began meetings in their home and over the next 10 years saw a remarkable move of the Holy Spirit, bringing many people into the things of God. After buying the local Methodist Church in Eltham in 1982 they continued in its pastoral life until 1999 and then, following the call of the Lord, they retired from full time pastoral responsibility and began an itinerant ministry with a particular mission to help and encourage church leaders and those in Christian ministry abroad.

They are currently travelling regularly in the UK and visiting Zimbabwe, Malawi, North America, Australia and Estonia on a regular basis. Their early story can be found in “The Pastoral Ministry” published by Fourstreams Ltd.'

During their broadcasts Terry & Frances interviewe many friends and some website contacts are: - Nicky & Sila Lee - Phil Holdsworth - Andrea Minichello Williams - Nigel Cox - Roger & Ross Ede - Jay Fallon

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