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Westgate Science Club - Exeter
...making science cool...for primary school children aged 7 years +

Hands-on, practical experiments, demonstrations and special displays.          

Great fun, with a touch of chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology.
Children can expect to learn through the experience but fun is first, learning is secondary. Westgate Science Club is just that, a club not a science class.

On a Friday evening once a month from September through to Easter.
Each evening includes special demonstrations.
Details of dates & times for 2019 - see contacts page.

The Club is held in the Lower Hall at The Westgate Church building in Bartholomew Street West, Exeter (The building with 2 pillars opposite The Picture House) EX4 3AJ.

Field Day Trips - Further details announced as and when - see contacts page

'Astronomy Outdoor Observation Evenings' are held - subject to weather conditions, so that children obtain first-hand experience of using a telescope and observing the night sky.

Children from 7 years upwards in primary school, are invited to join the club, and any Field Trips and Astronomy Evenings.

Enrolment is per visit @ 3.00 per child, reduction for extra family members - see booking form. The fees help towards cost of equipment, and any necessary protective clothing. 

Application/Parental Consent Form - download pdf file
See more detail of on the contacts page here

We have DBS registered leaders and authorised helpers.
Expect a ratio of helpers to children:1:2/3  Health & Safety policy adhered to.

For all dates & times of club nights & other events see contacts page

Go to contacts page here and see
detail of our history, previous club nights and events.
Check out our facebook page

At sometime during the Science Club evening there will be a 5 minute 'Godspot'.
Someone, usually a visitor will present a short explanation of the link between the theme of the evening and the Christian viewpoint.

Kids' quotes about science

- 'Some people can tell the time by the sun, but I've never been able to see the numbers'.
- 'I'm looking at a drop of water under a microscope, we find there are twice as many Hs
   than Os'.
- 'Most books now say the sun is a star, but it still knows how to change back into the sun
   in the daytime'.
- 'A Monsoon is a French gentleman'.
- 'It's so hot in some places that the people there have to live in other places'.
- 'The wind is like the air only pushier'.
- 'Clouds are high flying fogs'.                                                                                           

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