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Answers to the quizzes and questions in the
'making science cool' monthly booklet
MARCH 2011 ISSUE 'making science cool'

page 2  - Ears do more apart from hearing, ...answer C - they help you balance
page 3 - 360 degrees
page 5
1. B is correct The Sun rises due east and sets due west
1. C is correct daylight and night time are the same ie 12 hours each

2. 16C = 61F and 28C = 82F - digits are reversed.

3.  B - A wind that generally blows from one direction.

4.  C Water boils at 100C

5. C Sound travels through air at 343 metres per second

6. C The area of sky looking straight up above.

page 6
Magic Numbers  - whichever way you add the numbers, up, down, diagonally the numbers always add up to 15.

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