A guide to some of the experiments that Westgate Science Club have either 'demonstrated'
or the children have participated interactively.

A Acids & Alkalis, PH scale, red cabbage indicator experiment
A Air Pressure Do Not Open Bottle, good prank! - 1 litre plastic bottle 'a surprise leak'.  Fizz bottle prank!
A Air Pressure Imploding Coke Can. Small amount of water in can, boil, then upside down in a tray of cold water. Imploding coke can
A Water in glass upside down using cardboard. Upside down glass of water
B Battery recognition & testing, using number of different. multi-meters, many of the 'flat' batteries were found to have measurable volts
B Balance - a little water in the bottom of a coke can - 'dances on edge'
B Balloon touching candle flame, not burnt.  Balloon touching candle
B Batteries, Multimeters testing PP3, AAA, AA ,Cell, recognising by shape of battery
B Breathing using Air Flow measuring apparatus - how much air from lungs? 0 to 100 scale
B Blind Spot in eye, how to find
B Buzz + Light race games x 6
Balancing 3 knives horizontally on top of 3 bottles supporting glass of water
C Cartesian Diver, water + salt + ketchup satchet + 1 ltre bottle of water
C Codes & spying.the Secret Cypher Wheel, hidden code written in lemon juice, then heated to reveal.
C Colour changing milk, Unusual things happens when mixing milk with food colouring & liquid soap
C Compass Points. How to use a compass, which way N S E W.
C Compass Points- how to find way without compass using analogue watch
D Dancing coke can Dancing Coke Can
D Density of liquids, varying, honey, veg oil, wash up liquid, vinegar, food colouring/water poured slowly into jar
D Density making a lava lamp with different density liquids and some alka satzer tablets to make it phizz
D Dry Ice = Solid Carbon Dioxide. with concentrated washing up liquid.
Displacement of water by ships at sea. How do they float?  Made small boats of plasticine that floated.
E Elephant's Toothpaste. Elephant Toothpaste
Energy Stick from Steve Spangler USA. Human Circuit, Electricity, Electrons, Current, Insulators,
G Glow Water, how to make - soak/stir ink of highlight pens. Glow Water
H Human Battery using alum foil, copper tube and multimeter to measure millivolts.
K Kitchen Volcano, vinegar, baking soda, + food col, flour +
L Lie dectector - very basic example using alum foil, copper tube and multimeter to read 'human circuit'
L Light refraction - pencil in glass of water.
L Light refraction index of pyrex and veg oil similar so glass within glass with veg oil, disappears.
L Light Ultra-Violet tube, petroleum jelly - reactive
L Light - produced liquid from the fibre of highlight pens - making it reactive near UV light
M Magnets, lots of them including neodymium
M Magnesium Ribbon - burning, burns at high temperature,
M Measuring liquids with 05 and 0-20 ml syringes
M Medical, full size skeleton, names & use of various bones
M Microscopes x 8 + USB, monocular, binocular - checking out different slides
M Mobius Strip - a surface with only one side Mobius Strip
P Patterns - beautiful in saucer of milk. Food colouring, drops of detergent. colour changing milk
P Pereiodic Table, match pictures with elements on large A3 card each per child
P Plasma Globes & various experiments
P Polymers, plastic bag, water, sharp pencils, no water leaks.
R Radio - Crystal Set, demonstration of home built with long aerial wire inside church bldg, more sets in making
S Sounds, sound frequencies, hex nuts inside a swirling balloon near microphone
S Sounds, learning how to recognise sounds,  40 + short sound bites to identify
S Static Electricity. quick start a fluorescent tube hovering over a plasma globe. Then holding 2 tubes between 2 people
S Static Electricity. Rub a pen/balloon on hair/material and raise a slither of paper
S Straw pierced through potato - no problem! Straw through potato
S Sugar, how to find quantity of sugar in coke can. Boil dry liquid, weigh before/after. Weigh left over solid.
How much sugar in a coke can
T Tablecloth trick, pulling off leaving utensils on table, demonstrating fricton and surface tension. Table Cloth Trick
T Telescope - parts of a reflector - mounted board - practical diagram with actual 4/5 inch reflector mirror & diagonal
Testing tastes, salt, sweet, sour, bitter etc
T Telescope making by Exeter University Astro-Physics group visit.
T Temperature - difference from Dry Ice (-73C) to burning magnesium ribbon (+700C)
Temperature Infra Red Thermometer measuring -50C to + 380C
Tie Dying - making great colourful pattens on tee shirts
V Van der Graaff Generator - & various experiments
V VISIT Group x 40 to The Science Museum London 2014
V VISIT Group x 45 to Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth  2011
V VISIT Group x 55 to The Met Office Exeter 2010 & May 2014
W Water into wine into water, sodium hydroxide, phenolphthalein, hydrochloric acid