Westgate Science Club



A guide to some of the experiments that have either been demonstrated or the children have interactively participated


 A A
cids & Alkalis. PH Scale, making and using red cabbage indicator
 A Air Pressure Do Not Open Bottle... 
good prank - 1 litre plastic bottle -surprise leak
 A Air Pressure Imploding Coke Can. Small amount of water in can, then upside in a tray of cold water
 A Air Pressure - Upside Glass full of water using piece of cardboard
 A Astronomy - Projection of Stellarium software.
 A Astronomy using binoculars and small telescopes
 A Astronomy - how to recognise the International Space Station when passing over Exeter. Dates & times on this website

 B Battery recognition & testing, using Avo Meters and some more modern multi-meters many of the 'flat' batteries
    were found  to have measurable volts. Recognising PP3, AA, AAA, C,D, Button etc

 B 'Balance' a small amount of liquid - water - in the bottom of a coke can - 'dances on edge'
 B Balancing 3 knives horizontally in a triangle on top of 3 glass tubes holding glass of water
B Balloon touching candle naked flame, nut burnt, Balloon partv fileld with water
 B Breathing using Air Flow measuring equipment, how much air from our lungs? 0-100 scale
 B Blind Spot, how to find your blindspot
 B Buzz + Light our own racing games, concetration, balance and speed. Don't let the buzzer go off

 C Carbon Dioxide produced by mixing half bottle of vinegar with some Bicarbonate of Soda inside a balloon.
    Balloons blow up and some disintegrate producing a shower of vinegar! Not intentional..
 C Cartesian Diver, water + salt + ketchup satchet + 1 litre bottle of water
 C Codses & spying the Secret Cypher Wheel, hidden code written in lemon juice, then heated to reveal.
 C Colour changing milk. Unusual things happen when mixing milk with food colouring & liquid soap
 C Compass Points - using and NESW, being conscious when outside of directions. Large card game
 C Compass Points At sea - Port, Red, Left (all short words) - Starboard, Green, Right (all long words)
 C Compass Points, how to find 'South' with just an analogue watch.

 D Density in liquids, varying, honey, veg oil, wash up liquid, vinegar, food colouring & liquid soap
 D Density making a lava lamp with different density lquids and some alka saltzer tablets to make it fizz
 D Dry Ice - Solid Carbon Dioxide, see results with warm washing up liquid. -110F -78 C
 D Displacement of water by boats/ships at sea. How do they float? Made small boats of plasticine that floated & some sunk!

 E Elements - collecting samples, labelling.
 E Elephant's Toothpaste, see result of mxing some chemicals
 E 'Energy Stick' from Steve Spangler USA, human circuit, low voltage, electrons, atoms, circuit, resistance, insulation.

 F Fluorescent  tube - how to light without mains electricity - non touching plasma globe
 F Flourescent tube - how to light without mains electricity - using static from balloon

 G Glow water, how to make - soak-stir ink from several highlight pens. Result reacts to UV light

 H Human Battery using alum foil, copper tube and multimeter to measure millivolts.
 H Human circuit with electrons flowing around with group holding hands and using the electron buzzer

 K Kitchen Volcano, vinigar, baking soda + food col + flour, a mess but great fun.

 L Lie Decector, very basic example uswing alum foil, copper tube and multimeter to read 'human circuit',
     higher voltage when supposedly telling a fib!
 L Light Refraction - a glass bowl disappears...index of pyrex and veg oil similar, glass bowl within glass bowl.
 L Light Ultra Violet, petroleum jelly - reactive.
 L Light Fibre Optic - 1 litre bottle, small amount of water through hole, torch showing how light can be bent

 M Magnets - lots of them including neodymium and magnetic iron filings. North/South Poles attract. Like poles repel
 M Magnesium Ribbon - burns at high temperature approx 700C
 M Measuring lquids using 05 ML and 0-20 ml syringes
 M Medical, full size skeleton ' Freddie' quizzes about bones and organs.
 M Microscopes x 8 + USB, monocular, binocular, checking out different slides
 M Mobius Strip - a surface with only one side.

 O Optical Illusion. 'Seeing A Sausage' right in front of our eyes
 O Optical Illusion Checking out our 3 show boards of 3D Stereograms

 P Periodic Table, match pictures with elements. Elements song.
 P Plasma Globes various various experiments
 P Polymers, plastic bag, water sharp pencils pierced through, no leaks
 P Planets - quiz game to know the Solar System order
 R Radio a Crystal Set - a radio that is soley powered by radio waves received by the wire antenna
 R Radio part building demonstrating a home built Crystal Set with 60 foot indoor aerial across church hall.
    Listen via 2000 ohm headphones
 R Radio basic information of high and low wavelengths
 R Radio demonstration of PMR 446 Radios rno licence required to operate
 R Radio demonstration of Amateur Radio frequencies requiring 'Intermediate Ofcom Licence'

 S Sounds, frequencies high, low hex nuts inside balloon swirling around near microphone
 S Sounds, learning to recognise, 40 + short sound bites to indentify
 S Static electricity, quick start a flourescent tube by hovering over a plasma globe
 S Static electricity rub a balloon on hair/material and raise a slither of paper.
 S Satic electricity make a balloon stick to a wall
 S Straw pierced through a pototo - no problem if you have your thumb over the end. Air pressure
 S Sugar, how much sugar in a coke can. Weigh contents, boil contents, weigh left over -solid mess = 38 grams sugar.
 S Super obsorbing polymer. Sodium polyacrylate (main ingredient in babies nappies) Where we obatined this powder from, it can obsorb 30 times its own weight in urine! Experiment done to obsorb water then add salt and releases the water. Using distilled water it can obsorb even more.

 T Tablecloth trick, pulling off utensils left on the cloth, intertia, surface tension
 T Telescopes using, reflector, refractor, Club own a Dobsonion and also has use of a 5.5 inch Refractor
 T Telescopes making by visit of Exeter University Astro-Physics Group
 T Testing tastes, salt, sweet, sour, bitter
 T Temperature - difference between Dry Ice -73C and burning Magnesium Ribbon at + 700C
 T Temperature - Infra Red Thermoneter -50C to + 380C
 T Thermometers - using, noting especially 0C 37C 100C
 T Tie Dying - making great colourful patterns on tee shirt for everyone present

 V Van Der Graff Generator various experiments
 V VISIT group x 40 to The Science Museum London 2014
 V VISIT group x 45 to the Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth 2011
 V VISIT group x 55 to the Met Office 2010 & 2014

 W Water into wine into water, sodium hydroxidem phenolphthalein, hydrochloric acid
 W Walking Water, using half dozen glasses filled with water, kitchen paper sheets, food col. Capillary action