Westgate Science Club



Answers to the quizzes and questions in the
'making science cool' monthly booklet
NOVEMBER 2010 ISSUE 'making science cool'
page 1 - Horses and cows question - 'A cow that is not producing milk'
page 1 - In one day your heart beats 100,000 times a day
page 1 - Your heart is about the size of your fist

page 2 - 'CORRECT' is the answer

page 5 - The wind blows generally from the WEST
page 5 - Polaris' known as the 'North Pole Star' stays in the 'NORTH'
page 5 - France is due SOUTH
page 5 - Which direction is the NORTH Pole - you have guessed right!

page 5 - NORTH is generally the direction the cold weather comes from.
page 5 - The sun rises in the EAST
page 5 - The sun is in the SOUTH at midday
page 5 - Africa is due SOUTH

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kitchen volcano

plasma globe