Westgate Science Club



'What we did' on Friday 13 January 2012
Our main subject matter for the evening was 'Extremes'
During the evening the following demonstration and interactive experiements took place.

EXTREMES from  - 78.2 c (-108.7F)  to + approx 473 C (883F)

with DRY ICE in its varying displays when in warm water, with added food colouring. Dry Ice sublimes at -78.2C

of burning a small piece of Magnesium Ribbon which displays an itense white light. Magnesium Ribbons burns at approx 473C

INTERACTIVE - Air presure - Holding a glass tumbler upside down full of water supported only by  a piece of cardboard. Demonstrating the efefct of air pressure and surface tension.

INTERACTIVE - Exploring the magic of polymers with simple household materials.   Who would have thought that a combination of a plastic bag, some  water and a few pencils would produce such a simple dramatic experiment. We learnt how to poke a hole in a plastic bag filled with water and reseal it like magic. The secret has to do with a better understanding of the chemistry of polymers.
Quote from Steve Spangler.

INTERACTIVE - During the Science Club evening in December we touched on the science
of 'Codes' and 'Code Breaking'. During this club children learnt how to 'send and receive' a hidden code, each had a 'Cipher Wheel'. See more detail in December's report - Click here

A DEMONSTRATION - Touching the science of 3D. Each child was given a pair of 3D glasses to watch a specially made movie - oncluding visiting a castle, space, a garden,
flying over the Alps mountain range.

The January issue of 'making science cool' booklet was handed out
- click here to see pdf copy
  or if children absent the booklet was posted.

In all a fantastic evening for children and helpers

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