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'What we did' on Friday 14th January 2011
Our main subject matter for the evening was 'CHEMISTRY' & 'PHYSICS'

chemistry - we made ELEPHANT TOOTHPASTE.
A very dramatic presentation of adding Potassium Iodide to Hydrogen Peroxide, with a few drops of concentrated detergent and food colouring.
             Three x 8 foot high columns of bubbles and froth - click on thumbnails here.elepgant exp 1  elephant exp 2  elephant exp 3  elephant exp 5 elephant exp 4 
INTERACTIVE - physics - volunteers were asked to carry an 'upside down' mug of water to the kitchen, the water only being held up by 'air pressure' and a touch of 'surface tension' and a piece of cardboard.

INTERACTIVE - chemistry - what is a 'saturated' solution ? Each child had a test tube filled with water, they added a pinch of salt until it dissolved, a little more salt and a little more salt until no more salt could be dissolved. At this point the solution is said to be 'saturated'.

INTERACTIVE - MAGNETS and a COMPASS- physics - magnets both have a 'north' and a 'south' direction or pole. We had an horseshoe magnet and 4 NEODYMIUM magnets the strongest type of magnet made, very difficult to pull apart. Someone tried to pull these 6 neodymium magnets apart, it was impossible unless 'slid' apart first.
A dish of water with a small rectanglur piece of polystyrene floating, was placed on each table. The leader of each group had a needle and magnetised it by rubbing on a magnet. Then it was placed on the piece of polystyerene and it pointed towards north. Further discussion on the points of the compass.

INTERACTIVE - static electricity, volunteers held a flourescent light tube over (not touching) a plasma globe and saw how it 'jump started' the tube to light, the result of the electrons flowing from the plasma globe exciting the mercury in the tube.

INTERACTIVE - physics - discovering the effect of conductivity - the leaders of each table group lit a candle, with a balloon touched the flame and of course the balloon burst.
We then blew up another balloon which contained an eggcupful of water. This ballon was then lowered so the bottom of the balloon which contained the water actually touched the flame.
It did not burst the heat was transferred immediately to the water and kept the latex cool.
The burn marks on the balloon were made to look like a face and one was best.
We discovered that the water was a good conductor of heat.

INTERACTIVE - physics - the effect of air pressure. How to insert an A4 size of screwed up piece of paper into a glass. Then inserted upside down into a glass of water and the paper stays dry. The effect of air pressure stops the air escaping and the water in the main glass from coming into contact with the paper.

INTERACTIVE - extras...
'Buzz & Light' challenges, Plasma Globes, Hologram Chamber, Model Saturn V Rocket & Space Displays, Stereograms & lots more.

The January issue of 'making science cool' booklet was handed out, or if children absent the booklet was posted - click here to see pdf copy.

In all a fantastic evening for children and helpers

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