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 physics - everything in the Universe has an effect on every other thing, Physicists study those effects. Physics is a science that relates to all other sciences, check this out...

physics for kids

Check out Weather experiments for kids from The UK Met Office Exeter
Check out Live lightening radar for UK

Check out  Physical Processes - Bite sized for kids from the BBC

                 perpetual motion? eye up the ball!        puzzle picture
Check out Amateur Radio/Experimental Radio - Mike's Call Sign 2E1GZZ

Interactive Electrical quiz - 6 questions - drop and drag and reward yourself
The following interactive puzzels use words and clues based on experiments and demonstrations at recent Westgate Science Club nights and the
'making science cool' booklet. The booklets can be seen as pdf documents on the 'contacts page' and 'see what we did'

Interactive Westgate Science Club Crossword Puzzle 1 - help allowed!    
Intercative Westgate Science Club Crossword Puzzle 2 - help allowed!

Interactive Word Search 1

Interactive Westgate Science Club Word Search Puzzle from January 2011 edition of 'making science cool' - you can do the puzzle on line - click here


kitchen volcano

plasma globe