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Astronomy -
                the science of the skies
, the stars, the planets, the Universe

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astronomy for kids
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Check out your own                                                    Check out Starchild, a Learning
Virtual Telescope here                                                     Centre for Young Astronmers.
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Astronomy for Kids - check this out

Check out Exeter's Sunrise & Sunset times today
Check out The Moons Phases for this month & more
Check out Exeter Turf Lock tide times & heights for next 7 days
Check out Teignmouth tide times & heights for next 7 days

Check out
BBC Stargazing Live

Mike's favourite Astronomy Software programme, used by Planetariums: 'Stellarium'.
Free Open Source Programme.

When to see the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION viewed in the sky above Exeter
Click on the picture to see expected dates/times/position.

See Exeter University - Astro-Physics Group - special feature on Westgate Science Club

Astronomy Outdoor Observation Evenings take place - subject to weather conditions. This enables children to have hands on experience of using a telescope and observing the night sky.


kitchen volcano

plasma globe

International Space Station