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'What we did' on Friday 10th September 2010
Grand Opening by Alison Nyeko - view slide show

The Club was officially opened by Alison demonstrating the effect of DRY ICE being dropped into warm water with added colouring and detergent - great reaction!
The 10 kilos of dry ice donated to the club was used throughout the evening with various additives - see slide show.
DRY ICE surface temperature minus 78.5 degrees C = -109.2 degrees F.

DEMONSTRATION  -  Holding a glass tumbler upside down full of water supported only by a piece of cardboard. Demonstrating the effect of air pressure and surface tension.

INTERACTIVE - KITCHEN VOLCANO Made 10 volcanos showing the effect of mixing vinegar, baking soda and other ingredients to make a miniature volcano.

INTERACTIVE  'can do this at home' - a Dancing Coke Can' fill the can with a little water and it will 'dance' on its base.

DEMONSTRATION - An instant 'Imploding Coke Can' boil a little water in the bottom of the can and with safe grippers quickly turn upside down in a shallow bowl of water and see the can implode. Showing the effect of air pressure on a near vacuum

INTERACTIVE  - MAKING A CARTESIAN DIVER 'can do this at home' - controlling a tomato ketchup pack inside a bottle full of water, we filled a 2 litre coke bottle with water, added some salt until the pack just about floated. Then we were able to 'control' the pack, diving & rising.

INTERACTIVE - extras... 'Buzz & Light' challenges, Plasma Globes, Hologram Chamber, Model Saturn V Rocket & Space Displays, Steroegrams & lots more.

In all a fantastic evening for children and helpers

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